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Growing up in a suburb of New York City, the world of finance was all around me. It seemed like everyone in my hometown was commuting into the city to work on Wall Street. But it was my father who really made a lasting impression on me – his career at multiple institutions inspired me from a young age to follow in his footsteps. That is what led me back to New York City after graduating from the University of Wisconsin to begin my own career in Wealth Management. 
I always wanted to work directly with clients to help them achieve their financial goals, and my career has always been centered around that core mission. Beginning at a Chase branch, I worked my way up into the JP Morgan Private Bank and then on to the Entertainment Division at City National Bank. In that time, I gained valuable experience working with all types of clients, from hardworking hourly employees to hedge fund managers, athletes and award-winning musicians. I spent many years originating residential mortgages for these clients where understanding their cash flows, obligations and investment objectives was key to my success. Utilizing those skills today as an Investment Advisor helps me to build successful financial plans and help my clients realize their financial goals. 
What I enjoy most about being an Investment Advisor is the relationships that I can build with each of my clients. Years ago, a mentor taught me not to treat clients as just clients, but to get to know them like family and that is something I use as a guidepost every day. Understanding what excites our clients and what drives them to achieve their investing goals is what sets us apart. 
When I’m not in the office you might find me on the golf course, in the kitchen, volunteering at the Zoo or traveling with my wife.

Education & Certifications

  • University of Wisconsin-Madison – College of Letters & Science

    Bachelor of Science, Political Science and History