Hooman Amiralai

Managing Director, Investment Advisor

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I began my career in New York City. After studying finance in college and spending several summers interning at companies at the forefront of the investing world, I knew New York City was where I wanted to start my career. Upon graduating from college, I eagerly ventured to the east coast and into the epicenter of the world of finance in NYC at Goldman Sachs. I began my career as an analyst in the Investment Management Division specifically focused on private equity and progressed through several positions spanning the private equity, hedge fund, and long-only equity business lines.

The lure of Texas was strong. After spending many successful years in New York City, the thought of moving back home was always on my mind and eventually the allure of moving back home proved too strong. Upon moving back and subsequently spending countless hours on an airplane flying between Houston and New York, I decided it was time to find a firm and team that was rooted closer to home. It was not too long after that realization, that I decided to join the team at Brasada.

The direct exposure to clients is most rewarding. One of the opportunities that I was presented with at Goldman Sachs, was helping establish and co-manage a group tasked with financial analysis and client management across all GSAM Alternative Investment products. It was during this project that I realized the benefits and rewards of working directly with the end clients. As a client-centric organization, I particularly enjoy the increased exposure and close relationships we have with our clients. We know our clients, their families, and what is most important to them. We understand what drives their investment goals and the personal impact it has.

When I’m not following the markets or helping clients, I enjoy traveling with my family, spending time outdoors and exercising.

Education & Certifications

  • The University of Texas – McCombs School of Business

    Bachelor of Business Administration, Finance