Gabe Birdsall

Co-Founder and Portfolio Manager

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My investment journey began at a young age. My grandfather was an avid investor who passed down his passion to me. As a young teenager, I used the earnings from my landscaping business to invest in mutual funds that I had diligently researched in my free time in the late ‘80s. This early experience played a significant role in shaping my path towards a career at AIM Investments, prior to co-founding Brasada in 2008.

I honed my skills across the investment industry from trading derivatives to managing billion-dollar funds. I spent 13 valuable years at AIM Investments where I held various roles, culminating in my position as Vice President of AIM Capital Management, Inc.  During my tenure at AIM Capital, I was entrusted with co-managing several of the firm's flagship equity portfolios, including the AIM Constellation Fund (CSTGX) and the AIM Weingarten Fund (WEINX), as part of their turnaround efforts. I also led the day-to-day research endeavors for AIM's $15 billion large and multi-cap growth offerings. In addition, for four years I had the privilege of being the Domestic Lead Manager for the $1 Billion AIM Global Aggressive Growth Fund (AGAAX), which delivered returns twice that of the S&P 500 Index.  Prior to assuming these responsibilities, I refined my skills for two years on AIM's derivative equity trading desk.

Embracing humility serves as my steadfast anchor.  This focus keeps me grounded in my investment approach. I firmly believe in the importance of remaining receptive and open to new ideas, constantly staying informed, and fostering a continuous learning mindset. As a co-founder of Brasada Capital Management, my definition of success is elegantly simple: Are our clients satisfied with our work and their investment plan? In January 2009, amidst the depths of the great financial crisis, we introduced the Brasada Long-Short Equity Fund, LP as a means to help our clients achieve their goals. Since then, Brasada has continually evolved to address the expanding needs of our esteemed clientele. In my role as the lead portfolio manager, I take immense pride in what we have accomplished at Brasada and how we diligently serve our clients. It is this unwavering focus on our clients' best interests that propels me forward in the ever-evolving landscape of investments.

When I’m not researching the markets, I'm an avid outdoorsman—hiking, camping, and exploring nature's wonders.

Education & Certifications

  • University of St. Thomas – Cameron School of Business

    Master of Business Administration

  • Stephen F. Austin State University – Rusche College of Business

    Bachelor of Business Administration, Finance