Performance: Friedberg Equity Income

Historic Returns
Return Statistics
´╗┐Year Friedberg Equity Income Barclays Capital Aggregate Bond Index
2020 -0.80% 5.20%
2019 29.00% 8.70%
2018 -1.40% 1.00%
2017 9.90% 3.50%
2016 12.90% 2.70%
2015 -9.70% 0.60%
2014 13.60% 6.00%
2013 7.00% -2.00%
2012 10.30% 4.20%
2011 9.00% 7.80%
2010 16.30% 6.50%
2009 28.90% 5.90%
2008 -25.30% 5.20%
2007 -0.30% 7.00%
2006 20.50% 4.30%
2005 3.30% 2.40%
2004 20.50% 4.30%
2003 31.70% 4.10%
2002 -1.40% 10.30%
2001 6.20% 8.40%
2000 22.10% 11.60%
1999 -3.40% -0.80%
1998 1.10% 8.70%
1997 12.90% 9.60%
1996 9.50% 3.60%
1995 23.40% 18.50%
1994 -2.40% -2.90%
1993 13.70% 9.80%
1992 7.70% 7.40%
1991 15.90% 16.00%
1990 4.50% 9.00%
1989 16.10% 14.50%
1988 10.60% 7.90%
1987 1.30% 2.80%
1986 13.70% 15.30%
1985 21.00% 22.10%
Friedberg Equity Income Barclays Capital Aggregate Bond Index
Cumulative Return: 2149.70% 963.40%
1 Year: -0.80% 5.20%
3 Year: 26.20% 15.50%
5 Year: 56.60% 22.70%
Standard Deviation (Annual): 11.60% 5.50%

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